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.au domain names

what they are and why you need one

Provide another level of authenticity to your brand and secure your brand IP by registering the .au of your domain.

 Ensure the hard work you have done to create your brand, establish a sound footprint in the game with correct marketing material is further trusted with the .au domain. Furthermore, eliminate the chances of your domain being taken by someone else.

Why buy a .au domain?

It’s Australia’s newest domain namespace and for the first time Australians can now register domain names directly before the .au through accredited registrars like Red Hippo.

Having a domain ending  in .au provides a short, simple, uniquely Australian domain name and makes it easier to type into mobile devices and internet searches.

Those with existing,,,,, and domain names have until September 20 this year to participate in a Priority Allocation Process. The allocation of the .au direct name is determined according to the priority category of eligible applicants. It’s auDA who have determined these categories and you can find out more at

If you do nothing, you will not lose your domain name. However, someone else may buy your domain name in a .au.

However, there are loads of benefits to this tech move – one of the biggest innovations in the .au area for decades.

  • Providing a greater choice of trusted, uniquely Australian domain names
  • Shorter, simpler website and email addresses
  • A great option for new business ideas, marketing campaigns, one-off events, personalised websites, and email address.

While September 20 seems like plenty of time, it’s a move you don’t want to leave until the last minute in case someone takes your web address. If you are unsure, check in with the Red Hippo team who can help you navigate your way through this.

To secure your .au domain email or visit