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Red Hippo will amplify your marketing with its 4-stage system, which is designed to transform your business using expert strategy and purposeful creative design so that you stand out from the crowd. We do this through a signature process implemented over a 12-month period that will help your business thrive, increase traffic, and get more sales from your ideal customer.

The process

Our 12-month roadmap for Amplify Your Marketing typically looks like this; however, it is highly customised to the needs of each client:


In this phase we create a customised marketing strategy for your business to guide you over the next 12 months. We will audit what is and isn’t working, your brand, your industry, and clarify what you want to achieve.

Together we’ll set goals for the project and provide you with a detailed roadmap for success.


This stage is all about elevating your brand and showcasing your unique aspects to your customers.

Our team will work with you on your brand identity, including creating a logo design and branding package. We will then craft your website, which represents your brand, looks amazing and is loved by Google and your customers alike. Our team does the strategy, copywriting, and design to create an offer that will encourage your customers to take action.


Once your assets are in place, we expand your visibility so your customers can find you. This is done through a strategic mix of email marketing, content creation and SEO/SEM.

Content is an integral part of any online strategy and plays a pivotal role in SEO. Our team will create your content to ensure full coverage of your topics and keyword themes. This includes creating regular blog posts about your products, emails to your customers and social media assets that will support this.


Your ongoing success is at the heart of our work together.

Throughout the 12 months, we’ll schedule frequent check-ins and reviews to know what’s working and what isn’t.

With ongoing reporting and quarterly strategy calls, you’ll know exactly which pages your visitors are viewing and where traffic is coming from at any moment so that you can quickly find new opportunities to increase traffic and customers.

What you get

Our 12-month roadmap for Amplify Your Marketing typically looks like this; however, it is highly customised to the needs of each client:


  • A 12-month marketing plan
  • A brand, web & SEO audit
  • An ideal client workshop


  • Branding package
  • A unique website
  • A lead magnet/audience builder


  • SEO optimised articles
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Social media captions & images


  • Montlhy reviews
  • Quarterly reporting & meetings

Amplify Your Marketing FAQs

Here are some common questions asked about our program. 

How is this package different to working with you on a project basis?

This process is a completely customised service where we help you grow your business over a 12-month period.

We spend the year getting to know your business and helping you create a marketing strategy, brand and website to grow your business. We don’t just give you the tools, we help you implement the strategy with search marketing, content, database and email marketing, conversion optimisation, lead funnels and more.

This program is designed to help you grow and deliver new customers to your business and maximise your return on investment.

I only need a website and logo - can I just do that?

We have many customers who just require a logo and website and we can certainly do that for you outside of this program.

A beautiful brand and website are an excellent starting point for a business, however, if no one knows you exist, they are not going to deliver a huge return for you.

Amplify is designed for people who want help driving traffic to their website and converting leads into customers once they have arrived. It also helps you with ongoing support to manage your website, stay front of mind with social media, emails, articles and more, so you can build trust and authority.


How much does Amplify cost?

Amplify is offered in 6-month or 12-month options with the exact inclusions tailored for each customer.

Some customers need more design support, others need more content support or website work.

The result is that we work out an affordable monthly investment that will give you what you need to grow your business


If you want to know more about our program, let’s talk. Book a call below and find out if this is best way to help grow your business, and achieve your goals.