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Project Description

Walsh Clinical Hypnotherapy Website Design


walsh clinical hypnotherapy web design

Website Design Brief

Walsh Clinical Hypnotherapy, run by Marg Walsh Clinical Hypnotherapist, needed a website and web design to promote her new business. The design needed to be inclusive, without any gender bias, and obviously responsive. It needed to incorporate a lot of content, including technical and sensitive materials, as well as online booking system to manage appointments. Moreover, it needed to be easy enough for Marg to update herself as she added to her ever-increasing qualifications (I tell you, she is so qualfied it is amazing!)


There were a number of items to be delivered in this project

  • WordPress Website

  • Booking System Integration (10-to-8)

  • Easily Updatable By Admin Team

  • Branding & Imagery

Web Design 100
Marketing & Strategy 92
Content & Imagery 76
Systems Integrations 91


A WordPress website design was created by red hippo as it was easy for Walsh Clinical Hypnotherapy to use, looked good, and could integrate with a number of systems.  To start the process, as this was a new business for Marg, marketing branding work was undertaken. This included working with a trademark lawyer and graphic designer Amy from Splitpants Productions on a logo and colour scheme.

Once this was achieved, red hippo helped Marg setup a domain name, email addresses and organised the hosting for her so her website could be built. A modern theme was chosen that matched her branding colours, and use a lot of evocative imagery that would resonate with Marg and her clients. A lot of content was added, as the clinical side of hypnotherapy and resource therapy is a very involved topic.

A booking system was also added (10-to-8) that allowed Marg to accept appointments online, which synced with her calendar. This system also sent her clients notifications as well.

A big huge “Thank You” to “Amber…”Red Hippo” my web site designer”…. My web page is about to go live and I am so grateful for the excellent service and support from Amber, with the continuing emails of communication and personalised visits with Amber to get the website completed, I cannot speak highly enough of your expertise, support and anything that I needed changed was no effort for you to do, rather you even gave more suggestions to make it better and now the final website is completed and I am extremely happy with it,  Thank you “Red Hippo” .