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Project Description

Good Shepherd Lutheran School Website Design


Good Shepherd Lutheran School Website Design

Website Design Brief

Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Angaston needed a new website and web design to match their new branding. They wanted to boost enrolments and visibility of their school in the community, yet still, communicate with the current audience of parents within the school. Part of the scope includes creating a site that could be easily updated by admin staff, who needed to add in events, newsletters, policies and other relevant content on a regular basis. As the school was a smaller school, it was also important to keep this on a tight budget.


There were a number of items to be delivered in this project

  • WordPress Website

  • Event Calendar Integration

  • Easily Updatable By Admin Team

  • Team Training

Web Design 100
Marketing & Strategy 100
Content & Imagery 70
Training & Implementation 91


A WordPress website design was created by red hippo as it was easy for them to use, looked good, and could integrate with a number of systems.  It would allow them to update their website fortnightly with a blog for newsletters, which would assist with SEO. It also had an event calendar integration that could allow events to be easily added to iCal or Google.

Team training was undertaken so that new content could be easily added the site internally, saving time and money for the school. Further to this, templates were created for commonly used content types (e.g school newsletters) so that the school could have a new newsletter created weekly at the click of a button. This was designed to save the team hours of formatting, and allow for quick turnarounds.

Also, with the mobile design, the school phone number was at the top of the site. This was very important as over 80% of the time that a current parent went to the school website it was to ring the school, so we made this easily accessible for them.