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Helena Carapetis
Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Meet Helena Carapetis // Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Helena is working with @redhippoau and we are so excited to have this graphic design superstar join us.

With a Bachelor of Design (visual communication) and Graduate Diploma in Journalism, Helena has over 7 years experience and has worked with branding, packaging, printing, digital design, websites and retail marketing.

She loves spending time outdoors, being active and enjoys participating in Parkrun, going for hikes, bike rides and camping and is constantly inspired by nature. She also enjoys bringing her creative skills to the kitchen, baking whenever she has time!

Favourite Music: Big variety

Coffee Preference: Latte

Favourite Season: Summer

Pets: Golden cocker spaniel, Louie

Favourite Food: Bottega baci gelati & chocolate!

Favourite Sports: Trail running, tennis & volleyball

Favourite Design Tool: InDesign & Illustrator

Favourite Book: The Art of Kindness, Meredith Gaston

Inspired by: Nature & the outdoors


“A designer knows they have achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”