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Tell the world what makes you special.

you know what makes you special,

Now it’s time to tell people.

Does this feel like you?

  • You have a beautiful brand and website, but you don’t get any traffic to it to see what you have created?
  • You understand the importance of content marketing to clients, but don’t have the time to do it?
  • When you finally write an article or blog, the process of putting it on the website or emailing it out is just too difficult?
  • The content you create on social media or articles often don’t give you the results you want and you don’t know why?

We understand. Creating content is a time-consuming process and often feels like a never-ending treadmill, where no matter how fast your go, you can’t keep up.

Why is content marketing essential for businesses? Simply, every dollar spent on content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing.

Your customers are constantly consuming content, while in line at the checkout, on their lunch break, during meetings, in the bathroom. They are googling, watching videos, reading articles, chatting to friends and searching for answers to their needs, wants and desires.

If you aren’t part of the digital landscape, and regularly creating interesting informative content, you are not being seen.

This is why Red Hippo offers strategic content creation growth plans designed to position you as the trusted market leader in your field. In the long run, we’re talking about improved brand trust, higher lead generation, and more revenue.

Our content growth plans include:

  • Monthly SEO optimised articles, written for your brand and uploaded to your website.
  • Monthly newsletter using the articles that are ready to be emailed out to your client database from your chosen email provider.
  • Content based on the article for social media (captions and images) that you can post throughout the month to support your brand story and stay front of mind.


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