Top 10 Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers

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Are you having a hard time boosting your number of Instagram followers?

Instagram is growing in its popularity daily and is seen as the must-have social media platform to market your brand, particularly if your ideal customer is a younger demographic.

However, if you’re new to Instagram and you’ve just created a new account, the first thing you need to do is gain some followers, so you aren’t posting into a void. Here, I am going to break down for you the top ten tips on getting more Instagram followers without feeling overwhelmed and confused.

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10 Tips To Get More Instagram Followers

1. Instagram Advertising

Paid advertising is obviously one of the quickest ways to grow followers. Using Facebook’s advertising platform, you can choose to target Instagram feeds only and select people that match your ideal customer’s demographics, locations and interests.

2. Use your profile Bio creatively

The first thing you should do after creating an Instagram account is to add an interesting bio. Adding a bio in your profile can attract more followers. Be sure to describe what are your interests are, your location, your hashtags that you use and remember to make it fun! This is a great chance to show your brand personality – an emoji or three will also help 🙂

3. Use hashtags

The humble hashtag (e.g. #instagood #marketing #yourbrandname) is one of the most important tools in social media sites. Using hashtags on your posts make them interesting and visible to other users. This is how people find you on Instagram when searching for content. Just make sure that the hashtags are relevant to your brand and the picture or video you posted. It’s advisable that you use 15-30 hashtags in your post. Don’t worry this isn’t spammy (if they are relevant)! However, I do suggest putting them in the first comment below the post (rather than on the post itself) so your it looks nice for your followers and if you are sharing the post across to Facebook where hashtags aren’t used often.

4. Link or post your Instagram to your profile in other social media or websites

This is an effective way to gain more followers. Just link or add your Instagram account to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. In addition, your friends in other social media sites will see that you’re on Instagram and might follow you. It is important to also share it on your website, such as putting the Instagram icon in your header or footer. As social media names are harder to work out these days with so many accounts out there, having a link from your website to your social media helps your followers find you easily.

5. Post high-quality content

Posting high-quality content can boost the number of followers in no time.  Don’t just post random photos or videos, post things that will interest your audience. Also, make sure your content is varied. No one wants to see 5 photos in a row of coffee, food, sunrises or inspirational quotes!

6. Use interesting captions

Use an inspiring caption that can captivate other users so they will follow you. This doesn’t have to be an essay but write something more than #blessed or #hustle. The key here is simply to connect not to sell. Talk to you audience and let them know why you are sharing that picture. If you can’t think of anything good to write about it, it is probably a clue that the content you are posting is not high quality.

For some more ideas on this, download my cheatsheet on social media content ideas.

7. Interact with the community

Commenting, liking and interacting with other Instagram accounts, especially influencers, will help you gain follower. Make yourself known in your online community is the key to gaining more followers. Interact with other users in a friendly manner. Also, let your friends from other online forums or social channels know you are on Instagram so that they can follow you on there as well.

8. Tag other accounts

Following on from interacting with the others, tagging other Instagram accounts can help get you noticed. Please do this appropriately. Don’t spam by adding 30 tags of random accounts to your picture. Only tag people and products that are actually in your picture or caption or you will lose respect and followers.

9. Use Location Tag

Location is also important in posting. Using a location tag in every post it makes your post more visible to other users. People often search by location, and Instagram posts from accounts that are in your location display higher in your feed.

10. Make timely posting

Finally, it’s important that you know what time you should post your content. It’s advisable that you should post your content when many users are online in the community so they could see your post and it doesn’t get lost in the feed.  Use Instagram Insights to help workout when the best time of day to post is.


In short, post interesting content with hashtags, location tags and tag other people at a time when your audience is online. Share this with your online communities and make sure people can find you. For some more ideas on this, read my article on content marketing or feel free to contact me for a chat on improving your social media.